About Waters Edge Environmental, LLC

Waters Edge has over 30 years of experience in consulting in various fields of technical and regulatory environmental expertise, and our staff allows us to offer a wide range of services. Waters Edge specializes in assessing and remediating soil and groundwater contaminated with organic and inorganic compounds; especially within the North Carolina REC, Brownfields, RCRA, CERCLA, & UST Programs. Our services include expertise in interpreting regulatory requirements and interacting with the above mentioned regulatory agencies. We have completed environmental site assessments for a variety of commercial industries and lending institutions. This has included work in the United States of America, Europe, South Korea and South Africa. 

Waters Edge is unique in that our personnel can take a site from site assessment, soil and groundwater remediation design, implementation of the selected remedial alternative, and then the ongoing operations and maintenance of the remediation system after installation. Waters Edge has successfully designed, permitted, installed full scale air sparging, soil vapor extraction, in-situ chemical oxidation, pump and treat, and multiphase extraction systems for sites impacted by petroleum products, inorganics and a variety of chlorinated solvents. 

The professional quality of our work is demonstrated by the fact that more than 80% of our projects are with repeat clients with multiple environmental concerns.

Waters Edge has also conducted in excess of 500 Phase I ESAs. In some cases the Phase I ESA has determined there are Recognized Environmental Concerns (RECs) necessitating a Phase II ESA. A Phase II ESA further characterizes the site using a variety of invasive sampling techniques to corroborate RECs identified during the Phase I audit.  The Phase II sampling also provides information needed to identify a cost-effective remediation technique. This information is often also used to prepare preliminary remediation cost estimates to be used in negotiating purchase agreements or to allow sufficient provisions in cost allocation models for debt refinancing.

Phil Rahn, P.G.
President and founder of Waters Edge Environmental, LLC. 

Phil has over 30 years of experience in the environmental consulting field. He has dedicated his entire professional career to providing cost-effective environmental consulting services to his clients that are delivered on time and within the specified budget.