Dorothea Dix Hospital was a psychiatric hospital that was situated on a 536.35 tract of land. The first residents arrived at the hospital in 1856, and the site was used as a hospital until the early 2000s.  The City of Raleigh had wanted to purchase a large sub parcel comprised of approximately 328 acres to convert it to a theme park.  The City contracted with a consultant to conduct a Phase I/II ESA which identified 23 recognized environmental concerns (RECs) and provided a remediation cost estimate of $22,090,000.  Waters Edge was contracted by NCDOA and conducted additional soil and groundwater assessment activities from 2013-2015 which resulted in a reduction to just one (1) REC with a remediation cost estimate of $1,200,000.  All remaining AOCs were given a Statement of Attainment of Cleanup Levels by NCDENR which is equivalent to a No Further Action determination.