Lydall, Inc. owns and operates a speciality textile plant in Hamptonville, North Carolina. In the 1970's through the 1980's, approximately 200 gallons per day of aqueous waste from spillage and machine cleaning were disposed of in two surface impoundments in accordance with a non-discharge permit. These waste streams contained a variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and phthalate esters.  

The lagoons have been closed and capped. Negotiations with EPA Region IV kept the site under the jurisdiction of the North Carolina Division of Water Quality (DWQ). Initial cost estimates for the closure of the lagoon under a RCRA scenario were approximately $10 million. By keeping the site under the jurisdiction of DWQ and using innovative approaches, the resulting cost savings are estimated to be $8.6 million. Costs were further reduced through negotiations with the former owners of the facility to allocate cleanup cost based on the volume of waste introduced into the lagoons. 

Lydall initiated an extensive ground water assessment program involving the installation of 17 shallow and deep ground water monitoring and extraction wells, aquifer pumping tests, and the development of a remedial action plan (RAP). This RAP called for treating the ground water with a 20 gallon per minute (gpm) reverse-circulation stripping tower. Due to offsite water supply wells, this system has been required to be operational since the early 1990's.